Gelato Mania

Gelato Mania 1.2.3

Logic games with ice cream toppings


  • Fun sound effects and graphics
  • Easy to understand tutorial provided
  • Challenging set of logic puzzles


  • No solutions if you get stuck

Very good

Gelato Mania is a game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that requires users to think critically to figure out how to recreate fun patterns based on fancy gelato designs.

Like other puzzle games for the iPhone, Gelato Mania requires you to mimic patterns created in a sample scoop of gelato. These can relate to colors, toppings and designs. You're given all the ingredients and tools you need to recreate the various designs. It's just up to you to figure out how to make an exact replica of the example.

Gelato Mania has a level set-up similar to Angry Birds, where it lets you go backwards once you've passed a level but you're not allowed to skip forward to more advanced levels until you've passed the easier ones. The first few levels are pretty easy, but as you start getting up there, the challenges definitely get more difficult.

If it seems a little confusing, no need to worry. Gelato Mania comes with a very useful tutorial that lets you try out the different tools without actually altering your score in the actual Gelato Mania game. The only issue is the app doesn't provide solutions if you get stuck!

Gelato Mania is a fun puzzle game that'll become addictive the more you play it.

Gelato Mania


Gelato Mania 1.2.3

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